Here at CITEC group we are seeking excellence in the heart of the company and our goal is to achieve maximum quality in all production processes. We place particular emphasis on people and the milieu we work in, believing that our way of doing things should be based on professionalism and teamwork.

The central value of the daily activity of CITEC is the organisation’s commitment to its customers and its collaborators. Our work must make clear those principles to which it is subject to: professionalism, integrity and transparency.

We are seeking to lead those sectors in which we work based in three operating principles: initiative, vision of the future and technological capacity. These principles are the key to an appropriate response to our commitments to customers, collaborators and society in general.

Mission: We develop, produce and market, in an environmentally friendly way, advanced technological solutions for fluids’ transport markets, particularly those used in sanitary fittings and the automotive sector, which meet our customers’ expectations, allow our shareholders to be properly remunerated and ensure our professional future as a team.

Constantly focused on innovation and value creation, we will be a worldwide reference.l.

We understand the keys to business. We are thorough, effective and speedy. Focused on ongoing improvement.

Commitment to the customer: We are aware of its needs and we work to provide it with first rate products and services.

Team spirit: We share a Group project. We create a respectful working environment based on teamwork and communication.