At CITEC Group, we develop, produce and market, in an environmentally friendly way, advanced technological solutions for fluids’ transport markets, particularly those used in sanitary fittings and the automotive sector.

In recent years the company has been characterised by technological commitment, research and development of new products.

CITEC MOLINS: An exclusive product and industrial equipment development center for the group with a surface area of 760 m2, it is here where a team of experts design, improve and develop in line with the standards in force for new products, updating and improving the existing ones as well as the resources required for their production. It is the Group’s R&D&I Management Center.

IT-CITEC: The Group’s Central Office situated in Molins de Rei (Barcelona, Spain) is where the production and logistics’ platform of the group is located for the European, African and American markets, boasting a surface area of more than 5,000 m2. This is where the group’s General Management is to be found, as well as the head offices of its Commercial Department and its distribution warehouses for the geographic area in question, with production activity falling within the field of industrial components.

KCITEC: This is the Group’s Industrial Platform par excellence. Located in Kaiping (Guangdong-China) with a surface area of more than 8,000 m2 of production equipment, it also boasts an R&D&I Department with highly qualified staff who, working in coordination with the different group centers, develop and fine-tune the products both in terms of their design as well as production and to this end it has a state-of-the-art laboratory for permanent, ongoing testing of all the products manufactured which is where the commercial and logistics’ department is located for the Asia and Oceania markets, sharing the US market with IT -CITEC.

CITEC Trading: A trading enterprise of the Group located in Kaiping (Guangdong-China) whose business is essentially geared towards the export of products and components intended for industry as a whole, and in particular, sanitary water installations and service, as well as components for the automotive sector.

CITEC Moulds: Its own projects and custom projects for our customers, making the development, prototypes and delivery of injection moulds.

CITEC Ceramics: Line of business, specialised in all kinds of ceramics’ applications.

CITEC Injection & Assembly: Processing injection of thermoplastic materials for own projects and for our customers and assembly of complex products.